Top Ten Price Reductions In Marin

November 18, 2023

Top Ten Price Reductions In Marin
Top Ten Marin Price Reductions
There are currently 318 residential properties for sale in Marin and in the last 30 days there have been 121 price reductions. Many of these have been significant 10 - 20% or more.
Below I've shared a selection of reduced price properties. Some were clearly listed too high at the outset, but all almost all appear to be attractively priced at this point. Click on the pictures or titles for full listings.
Listed for $1,547,000 48 days ago. - Now reduced to $1,259,000.
It's not hard to see why this property was listed at the original price - a smaller home just a few blocks closer to Fairfax sold for $1.7M just a week before this property was listed with 8 offers. At the current price it looks like a great deal!
Listed for $4,288,000 187 days ago. Now reduced to $2,998,000.
When I saw this property was just reduced by another $800,000, I have to confess I considered how I might be able to find a way to buy it. It is a truly remarkable and unique property and while it needs some updating, its unlike any property I've ever seen!
Listed at $1,050,000 66 days ago. Now reduced to $899,000.
More affordably in West Marin, this versatile property provides a lot of space for the price, and with two kitchens, it could be divided to earn extra income. As one of the lowest priced houses in Marin, it seems a great opportunity to get your foothold in the county.
Listed for $3,795,000 119 days ago. Now reduced to $2,599,000.
While this property has been reduced by over 30%, it still seem expensive when compared to #5 below. You may also notice my link is to Zillow and not my web site - as the listing agent is not a member of the Marin MLS the listing doesn't syndicate property - perhaps this unfamiliarity with the local market also explains the mis-pricing at the outset?
Listed at $1,695,000 23 days ago, reduced to $1,595,000.
Just around the corner from 3 Cypress and not much smaller. While it appears the original price was pretty reasonable, the sellers have quickly reduced to avoid being caught out by the fast approaching holiday season when even quality properties can get stale.
Listed at $1,395,000 37 days ago. Reduced to $1,149,000.
Quickly realizing their mistake the sellers reduced the price of this one by $250K in just 12 days. But it was too late, and now even at this low price the home is sitting on the market - if this house had been listed at this price from the outset it probably would have sold by now, but its still an opportunity for someone to grab their slice of the California dream.
Listed at $1,395,000 41 days ago. Now reduced to $1,295,000.
While this is the smallest price reduction in my selection, its notable as even just 6 months ago it would have been inconceivable that this charming San Anselmo cottage wouldn't have sold over asking with multiple offers within days.
Listed at $1,695,000 65 Days ago. Now reduced to $1,428,000.
Reduced by over 15% in San Anselmo! With a beautifully updated living space and a fabulous deck, this is now a fantastic price for a 3 bedroom home in San Anselmo.
Originally Listed in August 2022 for $2,295,000. Now $1,549,000.
Over the course of the last 15 months this property has been reduced by about $650,000 and the sellers are still "motivated" (I'm sure that's not how they describe themselves to friends - "worn down" perhaps. "despondent"). But to buyers this beautiful Lucas Valley property with Japanese style presents a great opportunity.
Listed at $12,500,000 217 days ago. Now reduced to $8,995,000.
Saving the biggest reduction for last, this waterfront location is sublime, but the buyers in the $12M+ price range said "Meh" when they saw the dated interior. Still you could do a lot of renovation with the $3.5M you'd be "saving" on this one.

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